Memories of Dan Cake

During the early 19th century, in a faraway land, there was a baker, who lived with his family in a small Danish town, situated 60km north from Give. His name was Jens Eskildsen. Since his childhood, he had a passion for baking. Every evening, he used to see his mother prepare dinner, where the dustings of snow white flours sprinkled over freshly baked breads and cakes used to ignite his urge to knead on to the soft and velvety dough. The sheer joy of mixing golden eggs and luxurious butter into the snow white flours, which then magically puffed into delicious cakes and muffins sparked the imagination of young Eskildsen. Sometimes later, he thought of spreading this ardor and art of Danish baking to the people of the world, which led to the creation of Dan cake, making it a global signature for consistent taste and quality in fine baking.

Kingdom of Dan Cake

Starting its sugary journey from the Town of Give, the small bakery turned into a large production factory, where we shoveled deep into the art of baking gifting the food industry with more heavenly delights like Swiss rolls, muffins and layer cake; searing through the palate of United Kingdom in 1984, Poland in 1990, Sweden in 1992, Finland in 1992, Czech Republic in 1992, Turkey in 1992 and Russia in 1998 we finally scorched through the taste buds of Bangladesh in 2015, through a joint venture with Pandughar Ltd. in the name of Dan Foods Limited. Our massive growth evidently went through various changes in corporate ownerships; despite being taken over by or taking over other companies, it was the fine taste and quality that always remained unswerving and significant. Eskildsen did indeed make sure that everyone around the world has a feast of dessert, where he sprinkled memories of his childhood blended with the fine art of Danish bakery!