About the company

Message from the Chairman & MD, Dan Foods Limited

Food has always been my passion, to me, one of life’s most simple and yet greatest pleasures. It all began when, in my travels, I had the privilege to sample some of the world’s finest. The question then came to me - What is goodness if not shared? Our journey, as most journeys worth making, began with this simple dream - to share that exquisite goodness.

It all started in 2012 with a meeting of like minds, coming together from across great oceans. Denmark’s Dan Cake , one of Europe’s leading bakery and confectionary companies, and our very own Pandughar LTD here in Bangladesh, came together with the intention to make everything just a little sweeter for everyone.

Working together, this evolved into definitive products: a delectable basket of Danish delights. Made with the aid of state of the art technology, courtesy of our Danish counterpart, we hope to share these delights with the lovers of baked goods across Bangladesh.

‘Freshness’ and ‘Innovation’ are the essential components in our business recipe, and, - above all else - we are centrally focused on taste, quality and safety. After all, our priority is to strive to serve the very best to our customers. We hope our dedicated passion, “The Fine Art of Baking”, will find its way into your homes, onto your taste buds and if we did it right to your hearts as well!

Nazim Uddin Ahmed
Chairman & MD, Dan Foods