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With a layer of austere vanilla cream sandwiched between two finely baked chocolate cakes, we serve you our prêt-à-porter Chocolate Layer Cake. Our chocolate layer cake is specially made from low fat cocoa powder and skimmed milk, which does not only make it healthy but also flavorsome and appetizing. Packed uniquely in air-tight wraps, our chocolate delish retains its guaranteed freshness and taste. So once you bite into our delicate delectable delight, you are sure to be spellbound!

Weight: 25g
Flavor: Chocolate, Vanilla cream in between chocolate cakes
Shelf Life: 4 Months
Storage Condition: Ambient (Shelf Stable)

Packaging Options

Gift Box
25g x 12 pcs / Box
25gm x 12 pcs x 12 Boxes / Shipping Carton

Retail Cartoon:
Layer Cake 25g- (1 x 48 pcs ) 11.5 inch x 11.5 inch x 10. 7 inch

Shipping Cartoon Size:
Layer Cake 25g- 21 .7 5 inch x 12 inch x 16.6 inch