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Prepare to dive into the depths of the delectable and captivating velvety vanilla cream sandwiched between our sweet and finely baked layer cakes. Our vanilla layer cake comes from a secret recipe passed down for generations in the heart of Denmark, which is sure to drench your taste buds in a shower of scrumptious, creamy delight. After conjuring this glorious treat through Danish baking wizardry, we wrap the cake in A-class packaging strictly controlling humidity and temperature. All this is to ensure our vanilla layer cakes retain their magical goodness and treats you to spellbinding experience every time.

Weight: 25g
Flavor: Vanilla, Vanilla cream in between vanilla cakes
Shelf Life: 4 Months
Storage Condition: Ambient (Shelf Stable)

Packaging Options

Gift Box
25g x 12 pcs / Box
25g x 12 pcs x 12 Boxes / Shipping Cartoon

Retail Cartoon:
Layer Cake 25g- (1 x 48 pcs ) 11.5 inch x 11.5 inch x 10. 7 inch

Shipping Cartoon Size:
Layer Cake 25g- 21 .7 5 inch x 12 inch x 16.6 inch