Product Details

Our legacy of blending love and the delicacy of chocolate continues in our chocolate pound cake. We believe that the absolute glory of Danish bakery and the essence of chocolate, sourced from the best that nature has to offer, will instantly revive your love for cake as you bite into our scrumptious new pound cake. Give your sense of taste, the gift of delicacy and baking wizardry. You’ll find that it’s worth it.

Weight: 350g & 90g
Flavor: Chocolate
Shelf Life: 350g (3 Months) & 90g (2 Months)
Storage Condition: Ambient (Shelf Stable)

Packaging Options

Packaging: 350g
Packaging: 90g

Retail Cartoon:
Foil Pack:
90g x 1 pcs

Number of Slice: 8 pcs

Shipping Cartoon Size:
Pound cake - 350g x 12 boxes x 1 pcs
Pound cake - 90g x 30 pcs