Product Details

However hard it is to do, we strictly control temperature and humidity while packaging our products, which preserves the heavenly taste of fresh lemons for your taste buds. Every bite will take you on a journey of flavor and you’ll find yourself lost in nature’s paradise as long as even a crumb remains in the pack. Dan cake brings you a fresh spin on the familiar pound cake; the lemon kind. We guarantee it will tickle your taste buds in the best way possible.

Weight: 350g & 90g
Flavor: Lemon
Shelf Life: 350g (3 Months) & 90g (2 Months)
Storage Condition: Ambient (Shelf Stable)

Packaging Options

Packaging: 350g, 90g, Foil Pack - 90g

Shipping Cartoon Size:
Pound cake - 350g X 12 boxes X 1 pcs
Pound cake - 90g x 30 pcs
90g x 1 pcs
Number of Slice: 8 pcs