Product Details

The use of Danish baking mastery and the culmination of all what’s sweet, soft and scrumptious to its core has given birth to the delicacy that no one will be able to resist. The sweet taste of vanilla along with handpicked ingredients, sourced from the best, the world has to offer, will tantalize your sense of taste and indulgence in every bite. The new vanilla pound cake from Dan Cake is what your taste buds have been waiting for. Have a taste. Experience the magic yourself.

Weight: 350g & 90g
Flavor: Vanilla
Shelf Life: 350g (3 Months) & 90g (2 Months)
Storage Condition: Ambient (Shelf Stable)

Packaging Options

Packaging: 350g, 90g

Shipping Cartoon Size:
Pound cake - 350g X 12 boxes X 1 pcs
Pound cake - 90g x 30 pcs
Foil Pack:
90g x 1 pcs

Number of Slice: 8 pcs