Dan Foods Limited was launched in Bangladesh in 2015 through a joint venture between Dan Cake A/S, Denmark and Pandughar Limited. Dan Cake A/S, established in 1931 by the company dictum, the Scandinavian market leader in the production of ready-to-eat cakes and Swiss rolls.

Our purpose is to treat the customers with the magical taste of our secret recipes of Dan Cake. With handpicked ingredients and raw materials that come from Dan Cake A/S, Denmark and manufacture them as per the recipe of Dan Cake A/S, Denmark under the supervision of Danish bakers, we create the magical Dan Cakes.

Our factory is located at Birulia, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh equipped with state of the art technology that was recommended by Dan Cake A/S. Besides Scandinavian markets and Denmark, Dan Cake holds its operation in Poland, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, UAE (as Euro Cake) and now in Bangladesh.


To become the best snack choice in the country by offering wide, innovative and tasty options and maintaining global standard of quality in manufacturing. 



We love what we do. Our passion driven entity of sweet delicacies let us create the fine art of baking. 


We believe innovation and success go hand in hand. This is why we always strive to come up with new choices. Our innovative thought of creating a product has let us to reach in the peak of success.

Customer orientation

Our customers are our biggest critics. We listen to our customers; the insight is basis of our action. Our customers’ insight helps us to grow in the industry.


We are proud of what we do. Our honesty and integrity has helped in the consistent success in the industry.

Continuous Improvement

We try to be better everyday in the way we make our products and serve our customers. Over the years we have experienced constant success and grew everyday due to our confidence and honesty.

In a faraway land of a small Danish town, lived a baker named Jens Eskildsen who had an utterly ecstasy of baking. He had this strong urge to spread this keenness through his fine art of baking which led him to the creation of Dan Cake in 1931 and later made it a global platform of baking. As early as 1959, the demand for Danish pastries became so great that Dan Cake in ‘Give’ had to move into a larger production facility.

Over the years, Dan Cake products come to be more popular and successful, and the company has become a leading manufacturer of sponge cakes and roulades in Scandinavia. Dan Cake has then decided to be represented outside its borders.

Over the following years Dan Cake continued to expand in Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Russia.
After a few years, they discovered a company from Chrzanow, Dahlia Kuchen Polonia, founded in 1992, that was also leading in the baking industry in Poland.

Both companies decided to join forces in 2004 under a new entity - Dan Cake Polonia. Since then, it has continued baking delicious sponge cakes, maintaining proven traditional family recipes from Eskildsen.

The basis of success by Dan Cake is a continuous development, and the company continues to expand its range of new products. Currently, the range of products offered by Dan Cake on the Polish market in particular include: baked goods, delicious toasted breads, rolls and cakes , muffins, croissants, sponge cakes, waffles and much, much more.

Dan Cake a/s, Demark is an internationally recognized company and a leading confectionery manufacturer in Europe which is successfully running in several countries. The company has a wide portfolio of “private label” products that are internationally distributed in more than 30 countries.

Being the supplier to major retail chains in the international market, the company achieves around 75% of its revenues through export activities. Germany, France, the UK, Norway, Sweden and Finland are key export markets.


The operation team is highly educated, experienced and skilled to ensure the total quality production.


With state-of-the art technology, maintaining world class hygiene & cleanliness and well groomed staff, the company produces beautiful, delicious and European quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.


The production line is designed and established according to the international standard. The facility is entirely well equipped for bakery items.

Nazim Uddin Ahmed

Chairman and Managing Director, Dan Foods Limited

The chairman and managing director of Dan Foods Limited who has brought his wealth of experience and industrial expertise to help shape our company and has overseen the growth and expansion of several other successful companies like South East Textile Ltd. and Interstoff Clothing Ltd. His main strengths are his tactical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the modern business community.

Erling Eskildsen

Chairman, Dan Cake A/S

The current chairman of Dan Cake A/S who’s responsible for the execution of our goals and company mission. Eskildsen has helmed several successful companies in the past and his renewed vision, integrity and perseverance have led Dan Cake A/S to become a prominent, industrial figure in the world of baking.

Khandker Md. Touhiduzzaman

Director, Dan Foods Ltd.

Khandker Md. Touhiduzzaman is the current director of Dan Foods Ltd who instills unyielding discipline and motivation into his team to ensure every aspect of the business is functioning at its optimum.

Klaus Eskildsen

Managing Director, Dan Cake A/S

Klaus Eskildsen is the current managing director of Dan Cake A/S after previously serving as CEO of the company. His vision, philosophy and integrity inspire our company to reach new levels of success every year.

"Freshness’ and ‘Innovation’ are the essential components in our business recipe, and, - above all else - we are centrally focused on taste, quality and safety. After all, our priority is to strive to serve the very best to our customers.”

- Nazim Uddin Ahmed
Chairman, Dan Foods Ltd.

"Having a Dan Cake is about creating beautiful memories, cherishing moments with your loved ones and bringing people together.”

- Erling Eskildsen
Director, Dan Foods Ltd.

Shah Masud Imam

Chief Operating Officer

Md. Obayed Ur Rahman

Head of Sales and Distribution

Mohammad Toufique Habib

Head of Plant Operations

Md. Jonayed Khan

Head of Finance

Shaheed Bin Sarowar

Head of Marketing

Md. Fakhrur Rahman

Head of Human Resources