Chocolate Layer Cake 27gm

The slow, silky unfurling of the vanilla cream is an experience just as luxurious as the soft chocolate layers melting in your mouth after an eager bite. The little rectangular blocks with a layer of pristine white vanilla cream make for an exquisitely dulcifying experience to be shared every day with dear family and friends at home and away.


Wheat flour, sugar, egg, salt, glucose syrup,
glycerol, low fat cocoa powder, starch, emulsifier,
skim milk powder, raising agents, potassium sorbate,
vanilla flavor, chocolate flavor.

Nutrition Facts 

Total energy 1592kj/ 379kcal
Fat 12g
Saturated fat 5.1g
Carbohydrates 63g
Sugar 42g
Protein 4.4g
Sodium 0.25g

Shelf Life & Packaging Info chart

Shelf Life 120 Days
No. of Pcs./Box  
No. of box/Shipping Carton  
No. of Pcs./Shipping Carton 48
Carton Size 430 mm X 300 mm X 170 mm
No. of Carton/Pallet 50
Pallet Size 1000 mm X 1200 mm